Glam5 is my Passion for Fashion and Destination for all the Fashion Hungry Fashionistas! Unconventional Designs in ever colorful Indian attires will enrich your looks and Highlight the Best in you.


Though I was born and brought up in a small village in Punjab, it was never a challenge to pursue what I desired, but it has to be in educational field…to be exact “Sciences”, and that was never my cup of tea. Back in days career in Fashion or Music was considered a TABOO… therefore,( unwillingly)did my degree in Industrial Microbiology, so I could get a good paying job. However I never wanted to work in that field …I was still hungry, as I didn’t get to do what I absolutely loved…If you don’t Love what you do you may earn money, but will never earn happiness and satisfaction.  I was growing up to be at my Best when it came to Fashion and Music, and knew it deep down that I want to do my own business in Fashion World, and waited for the right time..
Since childhood I was labelled as the one who would always go against the flow, and to be very honest that has helped me become a strong and ambitious person that I am today. It all began with what I would wear, and in no time I created an image of self-made Designer amongst my family and friends. I would be approached for fashion emergencies and or to cultivate a particular look for any particular event or occasion. Putting my family First, I decided to open up a Home Based Boutique in Fall of 2012.

If you want to stand out in the crowd, it is very important to NOT FOLLOW routine and conventional styles in your outfit and accessories. Wear what would look good on you, not what you saw looked good on someone else. Following what is new in the market is a good, but make sure you don’t get overwhelmed and try out everything that is out there. What looked good on someone else may or may not look good on you, so fight that craving of getting the copies made. I always educate my clients, that “Original is always better than Copy” and that is where customized outfits are THE BEST, as they are made JUST FOR YOU. If you don’t like to wait as customizing may take a bit of time, try to pick what is Right for You according to your Age, Body shape , Season and Style.
In today’s commercialized world looking Beautiful has become important than ever before, so why not do it with your own Signature Style!


Your outfit and accessories should complement your age, do not OVERDO it.

Go for Unconventional Designs and Styles to get that WOW Factor.
Always choose colors and fabrics according to the seasons and occasions - Dark and Rich shades are great for Fall and Winter, whereas Soft and Perky colors are perfect addition in Spring and Summer.
Carry your outfit with confidence, and even a simple design would kill all the Bling in the room.
Last but not least, take care of your skin, Soul and Body.

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