Hate Crime

Valley Views – HATE CRIME views of rest of the communities.

“If doesn’t matter what race you are or what you do.  We all have a good and bad within us. I’m Portuguese, I might not know about the culture personally, but I feel for your people.  And that doesn’t mean you hold one person accountable for the actions of another.  Attacking a poor man going to work, and one just going about his day is just ridiculous”
-Mark Branco, Roma Foods

majority of them live in India or are of Indian descent.  I don’t necessarily identify with Sikh culture, but I have come from a very traditional rich culture and religion and can relate to the importance of community and traditions. I was outraged. As a Latina, I am familiar with hate crimes. No innocent human should be hurt or suffer as a result of someone else’s ignorance. I don’t view Sikhs as Muslims, but the fact that there is so much of a focus on distinguishing the difference between the two implies that one is bad. Every category of people have good and bad apples. As a society we cannot let one bad person from one group define the group as a whole to society. As a society we should have enough intelligence to tell the difference, or educate ourselves on the subject.”
– Michelle Santoyo

“I really don’t know much about the Sikh culture. I’m raised Catholic. However, I have Sikh friends and clients. They’re some of the nicest people I’ve known in my life; I identify them as positive hard-workers.  Recently, I attended my first Sikh wedding, and it was absolutely spectacular without the need of alcohol to fuel the positive energy. Never did I feel excluded, and I loved the ambiance of the temple. Sikhs and Muslims are different. Like Christians and Mormons are different. I’m not trying to make a direct comparison; but if you can’t differentiate it’s because of a lack of research or due diligence. I think that no one should be treated differently. We should educate ourselves better, to move ourselves and others up in our small world.
I pray for the slain, and hope for peace.”  ~ anon